Tuesday, April 21, 2015

What’s in a Name?

     Today was a typical Tuesday…and it was Tuesday all day long.  For a little fun on this typical Tuesday, I’m linking up with Andrea from Momfessionals (who I just love) for Show & Tell Tuesday.  This time it’s all about names…our names, our babies’ names, etc.

     To start things off, my name (now) is Allyson Butler McGuire, but my maiden name is Allyson Camille Butler.  I know I’m a little partial, but I’ve always liked my name.  Plus, before I was married, my monogram was ABC. Love.
     My husband is Keith Wilson.  He doesn’t go by both ever…but I do call him Keith Wilson a lot, or KW, or Keithasaur (that one’s probably his fave).  I don’t know a ton of Keiths, so that’s nice.  Not just a John Doe.

Finally an Easter picture!

     When we started thinking of names for our baby, we settled on one really quickly.  This could be because I have 4+ names in the old think tank.  I would tell you all of them, but I’m saving them for future babies…so you’ll have to wait.  We were totally settled on a boy name and a girl name, so it was really just a matter of choosing.  Once we found out we were having a boy, the choice was made.  Then when Keith started telling people, he told them the wrong middle name.  It was one that we liked and wanted to use, but not the one we picked…or so I thought.  As it turns out, I started to love the way it sounded, and Davis Malcolm stuck!  There’s no special meaning behind Davis other than that we just love it, but Malcolm is my dad’s middle name and his dad’s middle name (he’s a junior).  Since my dad’s the only boy on our side of the family (until now), we liked the idea of using his name.

I’m not super into name meanings, but I do kind of think they’re fun to look at.
Allyson means noble.  I do have a light up tiara so…
Camille means perfect.  Need I say more?
Keith is apparently a place name of unknown meaning.
Wilson means son of William (which is strong-willed warrior)
Davis means son of David (which is beloved)
Malcolm means follower of St. Columba

     I can’t wait to read about all of your names and baby names!  I’m always interested in what other people choose for names, so I’ll definitely be prowling the link up!


Monday, April 20, 2015

Nursery Reveal

     Let me start by saying, I am not a photographer.  That being said, get ready for the best pictures this blog has ever seen.  They aren’t the best because of how they look, but they show the best/most exciting thing ever.  How’s that for an introduction?  Let’s take a peek into Baby Davis’s nursery!



     The idea for this room started with my crib. I knew I wanted to use it, and I love the classic look of it. Before we even knew that we were having a boy, I knew it would be in there.  The next purchase was the wall art. I found those at Dirt Cheap for about $3 apiece. I bought them thinking I could work them in somewhere in the actual living space of the house, but they just lived in the closet for awhile. They’re “paintings” on wood, and I liked that better than just a similar print. 

We still need a changing pad, but you get the idea.

     That dresser was a Craigslist find. I always knew it would be a changing table, but it had a previous life in our bedroom before we settled on our current dresser. It was already refinished and painted, and I love it! The drawers are really deep and are already housing diapers and some other baby necessities.


     When I saw this pin (links here), I knew I needed that rug.  The more I got to looking, the more I thought that the tomato red color just wasn’t what I was going for, but I loved the style!  I googled the brand, and found the one we settled on.  The colors are much more muted than the other one we looked at, but they still match the pictures on the the wall.
     The final piece of furniture is a wardrobe that came from my grandmother’s house.  It belonged to her mother, and I’ve always thought it was so cute!  It even has a cute old-fashioned key that opens the mirrored doors.  The drawers are deep, and I have a feeling I’ll be storing quite a bit in this piece.  I’ll probably put his sound machine and maybe a picture on top since it’s not too tall and is close to the door (so I can turn the machine on, lights off, and slip out quietly).
     The only other thing I want for this room is another basket that I can put books in.  I’m on the hunt for something wide and trough-like (if that makes sense) that I can put next to a floor pillow or pouf of some sort to make a reading nook.
     I love the way his room turned out, and I can’t wait for him to be here, so I can put him in it!  Even Keith likes it…I know men aren’t typically into d├ęcor, but he got to keep his duck on the wall, and there is definitely nothing frou-frou about this room, so he’s on board!  I’m sure we’ll add more things as we close in on these last few weeks (I can’t even…), but as of now, we are calling this room done!

Source List:
Crib Sheet (Mine came from Target, but I couldn’t find the link. It says “Purple on Cream,” but it doesn’t look very purple in real life.)
Crib Skirt (tutorial – Yes we did use binder clips to attach it to the spring bottom.)
Curtains (Marshall’s, $19.99 for two blackout panels…winning!)
Basket (Ross)
Burlap Basket (Hobby Lobby)
Art (Dirt Cheap)
Mattress (His mattress is nicer than ours…welcome to parenthood, I guess.)

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Spring Break and Cookies

     Now that Spring Break has come to its inevitable end boo and we’ve finally settled down from Easter, it’s probably time for a little recap.  Let’s back up to the beginning of Spring Break.  Keith’s floor at the hospital was kind enough to host a baby shower for us, and we had the best time loving on baby Davis.  We got some of the most precious things for him, and I am so excited to see him in them!  As a little thank you, I made them a plate of cookies and sent them by Keith with a stack of thank you cards.  But let’s talk about those cookies…

This is probably less than half of the batch.
     I came across this recipe for Dishpan Cookies on Pinterest, and was immediately intrigued.  (1) They were huge and sounded delicious and were mixed in a dishpan. (2) They didn’t require a stand mixer.  I can’t tell you how many delicious-looking recipes I’ve seen that I’ve had to file away until I feel like selling my soul for a stand mixer.
     I’m not going to recap the whole recipe for you…it’s right there, but I will offer a few bits of advice.  First, the batter is very thick.  There’s every chance it will burn up your hand mixer.  You may want to mix it as well as you can with a (sturdy) spoon before you turn your mixer on.  Second, use the largest bowl you own.  There is a reason these are dishpan cookies…I actually used a dishpan because I was afraid my bowls would runneth over.  Third, this recipe makes a lot of cookies. I made them slightly smaller than the 1/4 cup the recipe used and had close to 3 dozen.  Suffice it to say that I’m now obsessed with these cookies.  They are so good.  Go make them now.

He who forms the mountains, who creates the wind, and who reveals his thoughts to mankind, who turns dawn to darkness, and treads on the heights of the earth-- the LORD God Almighty is his name. – Amos 4:13

     I know we already talked about our babymoon, but what’s a little more?  My mind is still in the mountains.  I love to be in places that are so different from what I’m use to.  I also love to be in places where pancakes are a food group and Christmas stays year round.  On that note, we got the sweetest little ornament for Davis.  It’ll be front and center on the tree this year.

     After all the excitement (or relaxation of Spring Break), we’re back to the daily grind.  We have about seven weeks left of the school year, and I’m torn between thinking it’s going to drag on or fly by.  Around this time of the year, I have to remind myself to stay present…mentally.  It’s so easy to check out, but that kind of attitude just contributes to feeling worn out.  Please don’t think that I’m some sort of teaching super star.  This year has been hard, and there is a lot that I’ve needed to do better, but I have got to do my best to stay with it.  Wendy Work Whiners always seem more tired and frazzled, and we all know a preggo doesn’t need any help in that department.  PLUS, His mercies are new every morning.  I may need to write this one down and carry it with me everywhere.
     I’ve still got an Easter recap to share with you and that nursery reveal is coming up too.  Look at me, blogging like I have it all together…hold on to that image.